The new face of Shave & Gibson

//The new face of Shave & Gibson

The new face of Shave & Gibson

In October 2016 Shave & Gibson embarked on a comprehensive rebranding campaign to re-energise our staff, excite our customers, and update our image to more accurately embody the type of company we are – innovative, sophisticated and high-tech. We may be an old company (established in 1981) but we are certainly not old-fashioned or behind the times, and we felt that our previous corporate branding did not properly convey our status as a company that uses cutting-edge technology to improve the quality and security of our packaging and printing.

Some of the elements we updated as part of this exercise included vehicle rebranding, a complete overhaul of our website, as well as newly designed calendars/stationery for our clients.

We hope you enjoy our new look as much as we do, and derive the full range of benefits of working with a company that is as dedicated to quality and being at the cutting edge of packaging and security printing as we are.