Shave & Gibson’s story began in 1981 when brothers-in-law, Alan Gibson and Neville Shave, purchased a small company called Group Print & Packaging which laid the company’s foundations. In 1995, the group acquired Stradprint, which has grown into the security printing division. In 2005, the group was acquired by its current chairman, Simon Downes.

From the beginning, our business has revolved around customer satisfaction, innovation, production quality and continued technological advancement.

View our milestones over the 35 years

  • The beginning

    Brothers in-law Alan Gibson and Neville Shave purchase a small company called Group Print and Packaging.

  • Africard

    Shave & Gibson Security Printing acquire Africard, the largest manufacturer of credit and security cards in SA.

  • Stradprint

    The security and cheque printing business Stradprint is acquired by Shave & Gibson.

  • Africard sold

    Africard sold to Altech.

  • Current Era

    The company is acquired by its current Chairman and Group CEO, Simon Downes.

  • Census

    Shave & Gibson Security printing is chosen to print the 2011 Census papers for South Africa.

  • FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)

    S&G is certified to operate under the FSC® accreditation.

  • 35 years

    In the same year the company turned 35 years old, it received a fresh new corporate identity.

  • earthpak™

    Shave & Gibson launches a new brand within the company; earthpak™. A sustainable packaging solution.

  • Counterpoint

    Shave & Gibson Packaging (Pty) Ltd acquire a majority interest in Counterpoint Trading (Pty) Ltd, a leading manufacturer of paper bags, industrial wipes and related products.

Our people are the mainstay of our success.

The group is committed to employee development and growth where promotion from within is always our first priority. We continually encourage and support an entrepreneurial spirit, corporate pride and mutual respect.

Simon Downes
Simon Downes
Group Chairman and CEO
Jason Staats
Jason Staats
Group Financial Director
Dave King
Dave King
Managing Director: Shave & Gibson Packaging
Jim Short
Jim Short
Managing Director: Shave & Gibson Security Printing
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