Group News – December 2020

"We could have been debating retrenchments; closures; fire sales or the like. Instead, we were occupied in esoteric conversations on matters philosophic, having achieved 3 consecutive record production and turnover months. Little to do with me – I am now a mere interested cheerleader rooting for the success of this mainly young management team [...]

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S&G wins Famous Brands Supplier of the Year 2019

Yesterday, Shave & Gibson was awarded (via teleconference) the Packaging Supplier as well as the Overall Supplier of the year for Famous Brands for 2019. We are immensely proud of this achievement as it reaffirms our position in the packaging industry as a market leader, having been awarded the Famous Brands Supplier of the Year [...]

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South Africa’s paper recycling industry sees upswing in demand

South Africa’s paper recovery stood at 68.5% with 1.2 million tonnes of recyclable paper products diverted from landfill during 2019, according to Anele Sololo, general manager of RecyclePaperZA, the paper recycling association of South Africa. Among the most recycled paper-based items in 2019 were cardboard boxes at 71%, while office paper recovery and beverage [...]

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Bobst Visioncut – a world first @ S&G

Installation taking place in the Shave & Gibson packaging hall In February this year, we sent two of our most experienced production managers in Mike van Der Westhuizen and Rory Jackson to Austria to take a gander at some machines that the packaging division were looking into. “Visiting the Druckerel Vuralberg factory [...]

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Group News – December 2019

"However back at S&G, the only constant evident is perpetual and radical change. To paraphrase the founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, this process of continuous evolution which can be “uncomfortably exciting” is part of who we are and part of our DNA." "We have decided that only a significant investment in [...]

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S&G strikes gold at Gold Pack Awards

The annual Gold Pack Awards evening was held on 30 October 2019 in Johannesburg. The Gold Pack Awards is the showcase for the South African packaging industry and from its inception in 1973 it has grown into an event of considerable importance and prestige. The competition for medals is fierce, however the awards event [...]

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Packaging of the World

Wilderer’s new Rose Gin carton, manufactured by Shave & Gibson is featured in the Packaging of the World online website. Packaging of the World (POTW) started at the beginning of 2008 and has grown rapidly to become one of the leading packaging design blogs on the internet. Click to view the submission [...]

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Counterpoint Acquisition

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Shave and Gibson Packaging (Pty) Ltd has acquired a 51% interest in Counterpoint Trading (Pty) Ltd, a leading manufacturer of paper bags, industrial wipes and related products. Counterpoint was started 14 years ago by two entrepreneurs, Ruben van Wambeke and Wim van Herzeele, and operates [...]

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A Sustainable Packaging Solution

Shave & Gibson Packaging is excited to announce the launch of a new brand within the company: earthpak™. Our aim is to replace plastic, polystyrene and metal food trays and cartons. Manufactured from sustainable and certified paperboard, we will provide retailers with the first South African workable solution to eliminate non-biodegradable products. We are [...]

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