Gold Pack Awards

Shave & Gibson won three awards at the annual Gold Pack Awards ceremony. The IPSA Gold Pack Awards is the showcase for the South African packaging industry and from its inception in 1973 it has grown into an event of considerable importance and prestige. The competition for medals is fierce, however the awards event is [...]

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Group News – October 2015

There is a sense of doom and gloom prevalent throughout this fair land, it seems. Talk of emigration; fear of racial pogroms; a gluttonous tax regime and the entrenched and seemingly irreversible tide of state corruption have conspired to bring levels of business confidence to their lowest ever ebb. But, we also have short memories: [...]

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Group News – March 2015

“Open for business” is a term often bandied about by our current government. In reality, this appears not to be the case. A ban on foreigners owning property (now partially reversed); a cap on farm ownership (which will make a mockery of farming economies of scale); failing public utilities and infrastructure; more draconian labour [...]

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Group News – December 2014

CRY, THE BELOVED COUNTRY! Alan Paton’s words were never more appropriate than now, and these are brought even more into focus as the country bids farewell to that other doyenne of South African literary liberals, Nadine Gordimer. We have very few remaining loud voices of reason. Archbishop Desmond Tutu is one of the few. View [...]

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